Wednesday, January 7, 2009

bloggy blog

Welcome to the new official blog of Semnat Studios.

For those who wandered into this blog by accident or as result of some form of trickery, I'll introduce myself and what this blog is for.

My name is Daniel Coleman and I'm co-owner of developer Semnat Studios. We're close to finishing development on our first WiiWare game Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, which you can find out more about at our website.

I'm the director of the game as well as the art content-creator, and one of the reasons why I wanted to create this blog was to share with those interested a behind-the-scenes look into development, primarily (at least at first) art creation.

For this first post I present nothing. :( But I'll have some real content coming soon. Stay tuned...


Ángel Louzao said...

Heya! :)

I just read about your "Eduardo" game at, which took me to your website, which took me to this blog.

but anyways, the game is looking really good so far... the art style is really something else. Can't wait for that vid. ;)

I'm from Spain, so I was wondering, will "Eduardo The Samurai Toaster" be released in Europe? And is there an approximate release date for it? :)

Semnat Studios said...

Thanks Ángel!

We're trying to get the game out before April in North America, and right after that we're going to get it prepared for a European release. Hopefully that won't take very long, but we've never had to go through that process before so I can't really say for certain.