Thursday, June 4, 2009


We have an updated trailer up on the Nintendo Channel (viewable through the Wii itself). It was on the last page the other day, hopefully it's still there now, somewhere. We should also have some stuff put up on tomorrow.

Now we're just anxiously awaiting the release, hoping we pass lotcheck soon. Cross your fingers, folks.

My plan is to be updating the blog more often as soon as the game comes out. That way people will have a bit more context for the behind-the-scenes stuff.

So anyhow, since Eduardo has been finished for a while now we've been working on a prototype for a possible second project, and I've been experimenting with different art processes to see what direction I want the art to take. I'm not going to show any of that, but I thought it would be fun to recreate a screen from one of the 2D Metroid games (a favorite series of mine) using the process I'm currently messing around with. I laid out all of the inks with a bamboo stick two nights ago right before going to bed, and then spent a few hours trying to get some decent colors in photoshop. This is just a recreation of a scene, we're not actually making a Metroid game.

Here you go.


Olimar_91 said...

Looks awesome. Still eagerly awaiting Eddy 1, I hope it meets with success for you guys.

Perhaps your second project could be a Metroid style side scroller. That would be something I'd sure be interested in as well.

EdEN said...

Looks great Daniel. Hopefully this style can indeed be applied to your next game and STILL be below the size limit for Wiiware games.

So after all the work the game will finally be available on June 15... how does it feel?

Daniel Coleman said...

Thanks guys. It feels crazy, man. Thanks for that help with the translations, too, EdEN!

EdEN said...

No problem Daniel, glad I could help.

I'll definitely be refreshing my mail account waiting for your email on next Monday (hehehe), and now you have a way to contact me once your next project starts taking shape if you need my help again (I also do some writing... you know, in case you need someone to help out with that).

Anyway, I've already convinced 5 people to purchase the game at launch and will keep on trying, so hopefully you'll reach the minimum sales threshold soon after june 15 and after that the sales will keep on piling...

Daniel Coleman said...

Awesome, appreciated sir! Hope we don't disappoint them.

EdEN said...
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