Wednesday, February 4, 2009

first video

We finally got some video recorded! We only got our capture card last week so this was done very quickly. When the game is about to launch we'll make a couple more trailers and take some more time creating them.

German gaming site GamingXP quickly put it up and have posted a direct download but I think you need to register first.

There's also some good-quality footage over at ign.



Olimar_91 said...

Looks amazing as expected :D
I'm really looking forward to playing this.

By the way, is your ammo toaster pastries? They remind me of poptarts :P

Jamal said...

I believe they are pastries, and you can use different colored pastries like in Mario World with yoshi using the red shells and such as different type of ammunition. But I'll leave the mastermind to give you a better answer.

Daniel Coleman said...

Yeah the basic grunt enemy is "toaster pastry" (copyrights! haha), and they also become your ammo.

The Brush Bunch said...

Would it be wrong to say that I found the video incredibly cute? x3

Daniel Coleman said...

*Gasp* You mean really manly, right?

j/k cute is good.

The Brush Bunch said...

Sorry, I couldn't help it. xD

Seeing it in motion reminded me about when I was a kid and I used to make silly stop-motion movies with chalk sketches in a blackboard, paper cut-outs and my dad's old videocam. Good times... <3

Daniel Coleman said...

That's pretty cool. I'd like to see a game that looks like the type of stop motion and animation stuff creative kids like to do.