Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today we passed a huge milestone and can finally, thankfully, take a break. For a bit, while we work on the final trailer and then get to work on translations and ratings stuff for other territories.

Celebration will take place when we get a release date, however.


Olimar_91 said...

I was wondering when you would update again. I'm still eagerly waiting for the game. Can't wait to see more about it.

EdEN said...

Hopefully a release date isn't far away. Still no price point?

By the way, if you need help with translating from english to spanish let me know and I'll gladly help you out, no charge at all. I've been a court recognized expert translator for the past 10 years and I'd be glad to give you guys a hand.

Tell me here in the comments if it interest you.

JBRPG said...

I cannot wait to play this, and when you are ready to update, plebe let us knw at wiiware world.

Daniel Coleman said...

Hopefully we'll be able to get a May release. But we won't know until it passes through Nintendo's processes. Same goes for the price.

EdEN - I appreciate the offer! We already got the spanish translated though. Know any other languages?

EdEN said...

Well Daniel, depending on your deadline and the amount of total text I can probably help you out in getting an english to french translation... which I'm guessing there's time on since you'll probably release first in the US and Mexico... unless the new Canadian law forces you to translate into french for Quebec which I think only applies at the moment to retail games.

Anyway, let me know... the sooner the better so I can re-schedule my current workload at the office.

Daniel Coleman said...

That would be too generous, EdEN! I'm afraid we already have the french done as well, though.

For the European release we'll probably need German, Italian, maybe Dutch. What the World of Good guys did was set up a wiki for their community, and people just helped with the translations there. I was thinking about doing the same thing soon.

EdEN said...

Oh well, I tried to help... twice hahaha.

The wiki sounds like a good idea since german and italian are a bit trickier at translating and that would be a huge work burden on me.

Anyway, now you have the reference for your next game if you guys need any help translating from English to Spanish or French and viceversa.

Now we are closer to the release date and price point... right?

Daniel Coleman said...

We are definitely closer. Could just be a few weeks, we'll see!

And thanks for your offer, I'll remember to be in touch.

Daniel Coleman said...

Hey EdEN, send me an email at daniel@semnatstudios if you can.